Billing Info and FAQs


SendGrid charges every account on a month-to-month subscription basis, at the first of each month your credit card on file will be automatically charged in full for the following stuff:

  • The base price of your current plan.
  • Any overages, additional IP, or usage charges from the previous month.
  • Contact storage usage for Marketing Campaigns, if applicable. 
  • Legacy Newsletter usage charges from the previous month, if applicable.




How do I read my invoice?

Learn more about what you're paying for with our "How to read your invoice" article.


Do credits roll over?

Credits don't roll over from month to month, any unused credits from the previous month are lost when your subscription refreshes. So be sure you're at the package level that is right for you! 


I missed a payment, what happens next?

Accounts with outstanding balances over 4-5 days old will be suspended due to nonpayment. As soon as you can update your payment info, your account will become active again.

Accounts that have unpaid invoices and are still suspended during the last week of the month will be Terminated, and access revoked until the balance is settled. Contact support using the options below to get your account re-activated from a billing terminated state. 


I received a Payment Failed message.

If you receive a Payment Failed message, you can update your credit card here. You can update the expiration date on an existing card or enter a new card. Also, if you now have sufficient funds on your current card, you can retry an outstanding charge.


How does Marketing Campaigns billing work?

Glad you asked! Read more about it here. 


How do overages work?  

Depending on your package, you will be charged a small amount per-email for each email that you send beyond the credit limit of your current package. Any overage charges are added to the invoice of the month after the over-limit sending occurred. 

Note: Upgrading your account does NOT absorb overage charges already incurred, so make sure you are using the right package for your usage case.


What is this "Contact List Storage" item on my invoice?

You may see a "Contact List Storage" item on your monthly invoices. This only applies to customers who are using the online Marketing Campaigns feature set. Marketing Campaigns usage is charged at a rate determined by the number of contacts hosted by our service on your account. Your monthly invoice includes charges for contact list storage during the previous month.

You will be billed $10 for every 10,000 contacts. Your first 2,000 contacts are free. Learn more about Marketing Campaigns billing here


I would like to request a refund.

Learn more about your eligibility for a possible refund here.


Some handy Billing resources:

Billing & Plan Details - Download and view your invoices. Also view or update your Credit Card

SendGrid Pricing Page - View the SendGrid packages along with their functionality and features. This also shows overage charges per package.

Upgrade your Account - Upgrade your account to a higher level package, upgrades are effective immediately. 

Downgrade your Account - Downgrade your account to a lower level package, downgrades take effect on the first day of the next month.

Cancel your Account - Cancel your SendGrid account, this brings your account back down to the Free level.