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Legacy Newsletter
Marketing Campaigns

While you cannot automatically migrate your Legacy Newsletter recipient lists into Marketing Campaigns, the manual migration process is quite simple. This article walks you through the process.

Marketing Campaigns offers a library of responsive templates as well as an easy-to-use campaign builder. However, if you have templates in Legacy Newsletter that you'd like to reuse in Marketing Campaigns, here's a step-by-step migration guide.

Before attempting to migrate your content, please review our Migration Toolkit. Then, using our API as described here, you can automate a portion of the process.

Legacy Newsletter will be available until September 30, 2017. We encourage you to migrate to Marketing Campaigns before that date.

If you choose not to migrate, you'll need to download any data from Legacy Newsletter you wish to maintain before September 30, 2017.

If you have not already, we suggest you take a look at our Pricing Page to help select the best plan for your needs. If you have already signed up and have additional questions please see our Account Sign Up FAQ.

There are several different methods that can be used to send through SendGrid. Take a look at our Integrate with SendGrid page for information on how to connect with SMTP or our Web API.

API Keys allow you to generate an authentication credential that is separate from your username and password. They are independent from one another and are easily disposable. You should create unique API keys for each of your applications or servers so that you can easily revoke them without disrupting other systems if needed. For more information, click here.

Your SMTP username and password is the same username and password you provided when you signed up for SendGrid. We use the same set of credentials as the default for the website access and SMTP authentication. For more information, click here.

SendGrid offers Two Factor Authetication and out IP Access Management features to secure your account. Additional security information can be found here.

Marketing Campaigns is a powerful tool that can easily send beautiful, well-targeted email marketing campaigns. More information about all of the features of Marketing Campaigns can he found here.

Information on how to add an unsubscribe link and create and manage Unsubscribe Groups can be found here.

Information on how to manage your Marketing Campaigns contacts can be found here.

Information on how to remove unusable contacts can be found here.

Answers to many common questions about Marketing Campaigns can be found here.

There are numerous reasons why email providers place messages into the Spam folder. While there is no surefire way to ensure your messages arrive into the inbox of your recipients, there are however industry standards and best practices you can follow to give your emails the best chance of meeting all mail provider and spam filter expectations.

Check out our Deliverability 101 guide to get started with general guidelines on email ettiquite and sending practices.

After reading our Deliverability 101 guide, take a deep dive into advanced email delivery with Sendgrid's Official Email Deliverability Guide.

For troubleshooting tips on this situation, please see the article listed here.

For explantation of bounces, please see the article listed here.

For explantation of drops, please see the article listed here.

For explantation of email throttling and deferral messages, please see the article listed here.

Learn more about what you're paying for with our "How to read your invoice" article.

Learn more about billing for Marketing Campaigns such as contact storage here.

Learn more about how to update your card information here.