Using Domain Connect to Automate Domain Authentication with GoDaddy

Things to consider when using Automated Setup:

* This only works for GoDaddy domains, using automated security. 

* This only works for the root domain. 

* Domain must have Domain Connect enabled.


Step 1: Ensuring Domain Connect is enabled. 

Step 2: Using automatic setup to authenticate a domain. 

  1. Navigate to your Sender Authentication Section in your SendGrid account:
  2. Click on either "Authenticate Your Domain" or "Get Started", depending on if you have previously setup domain attempts. 

  3. Ensure Go Daddy is selected, and that "Would you also like to brand..." is set to No. 
  4. Type your domain exactly as it appears in GoDaddy. Ensure Automated Security is selected. (It should be selected by default)
  5. Click on "Automatic Setup" You should see your domain listed here as pending, and a Connect button. Click the Connect button. 
  6. This will open a new window for GoDaddy. You may need to login with your GoDaddy credentials first, but once you see Connect, hit the Connect button!
  7. This should close the GoDaddy window and show a verifying window. Please be patient and do not refresh, it can take a while. 
  8. If you reach this screen the DNS records have been added and verified automatically!


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