Subuser Management - How to assign your verified Domain Authentication, Link Branding, and Dedicated IP to your subuser

Twilio SendGrid subuser accounts can authenticate a domain within the subuser account or obtain a verified domain from their main (parent) account. This article will explain how parent accounts can assign their verified domain and dedicated IP to their subuser (child). 

For information on subuser creation and best practices for subuser accounts, check out our documentations below:

Assigning a verified Domain Authentication domain, Link Branding domain and Dedicated IPs to an account’s subusers, allows parent accounts to easily manage and organize their email sending through different domains and IP addresses. 

Parent accounts can assign only one domain for each subuser from the UI, customers can assign up to 5 verified domains to a subuser via API through our Associate an Authenticated Domain with a Subuser (for up to Five Domains) endpoint. If the subuser needs more domains, they can also verify domains directly within their account.

Also parent accounts must assign at least one dedicated IP to their subuser before the subuser can send any emails. When a subuser is assigned a dedicated IP, this subuser’s emails will only be sent from the assigned dedicated IP. Parent accounts can assign as many dedicated IPs to any subuser. 

If an assigned dedicated IP is set up for rDNS, customers will want to ensure that the subuser with the assigned IP, intends on sending with the domain configured for rDNS on that same IP . And also has the same Domain Authentication and Link Branding domain assigned. 

Customers can assign verified Domain Authentication, Link Branding and IP addresses by navigating to Settings > Subuser Management > Clicking the subuser > and finally clicking the “Change Sending” button to the right of Domain Authentication/Link Branding. Then select the available domains within the drop down menu. Dedicated IPs may also be assigned in this same area by selecting the IP you wish to assign to this subuser. 

Below is a screenshot of the Subuser Management page that shows where customers can assign Domain Authentication, Link Branding and IP addresses to their subuser.




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