Email Activity Feed for SendGrid Reseller Partner and Premier 50m and above SendGrid Accounts

Twilio SendGrid Reseller Partner accounts will only have access to an Email Activity Feed which will include the most recent 500 events or the past 7 days of activities. Twilio SendGrid Partner accounts do not have access to the same Email Activity Feed as native Twilio SendGrid accounts nor are these accounts able to export their data from the Email Activity Feed. 

Customer can dive deeper into the details of each event by hover over the Screen_Shot_2022-06-23_at_11.57.13_AM.png icon on the right side of the event. Depending on the event, different filters and information will be provided.


Below is a break down of what each filter represents in relation to the Event.

Email Activity Feed Filter Details (for Twilio SendGrid Reseller Partner accounts):


To/Recipient Email Address


The response message from the recipient email server


A unique ID attached to the message by the originating system

Processed String

The time when the event occurred (Relative to the timezone set in the account)


A unique, internal Twilio SendGrid ID for the message

Client IP

The IP address Twilio SendGrid received the email request from the originating system


The URL the Click event tracked (Requires Click Tracking to be enabled)


Twilio SendGrid customers on Premier 50m and higher plans will have the same Email Activity Feed as Twilio SendGrid Reseller Partner accounts. 


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