Setting up Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) for Twilio SendGrid

What is SNDS?

SNDS stands for "Smart Network Data Services" – Similar to Google Postmaster, SNDS works for and allows you to verify that your email domain is yours. It also provides detailed data about individual IPs, and it lets you receive reports when users junk your messages. SNDS can be a very powerful tool for improving deliverability when sending from a dedicated IP to Microsoft domain recipients (includes Azure, Microsoft, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.).


How to Set Up SNDS

How to process a SNDS request with Microsoft. 

  • Navigate to Microsoft Smart Network Data Service (SNDS) to submit a request.
  • When submitting a request for approval, you can submit up to three IPs from a SendGrid account per SNDS request.
  • When prompted with IP owner's email address, select / input
    • An internal TSG team monitors this inbox for SNDS requests. 
  • Follow up with the Twilio SendGrid Support with the IP used in the SNDS request, after the successful submission of the request.

More information concerning what is provided with Microsoft Smart Network Data Service can be seen via the FAQ page - Microsoft | SNDS FAQ




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