How to address 'Your IP Address is not whitelisted' error

Do you receive the following error when attempting to log into the SendGrid portal?



Why do you get this error?

It signifies that the account you're attempting to access has the IPAM (IP Access Management) feature enabled, which restricts access to only whitelisted IP addresses. However, it looks that you are attempting to connect from a non-whitelisted IP address.


How do you solve this?

There are two approaches:

  1. You must connect to one of your whitelisted IP addresses (the IP addresses you have put to the allow lists must be known to you).
  2. If you do not have access to any of the IP addresses in the allow lists, please contact SendGrid Support, who will be able to assist you further.


What happens after submitting a ticket to Support?

Support can remove this block by adding your current IP address to the allow lists; however, before making any changes, we want complete evidence of your identity and account ownership. We take account security very seriously and want to prevent fraudulent actors from gaining access to your account.


What are the methods of Account ownership verification?

  1. Support would require you to connect to one of your whitelisted IPs and send an email via API or SMTP using the API keys you must have generated earlier.
  2. Support would call the number we have on file for you and ask you to read out the code we sent through the ticket. (To use this option, you must have a phone number on your account.)

After successfully validating account ownership, support will add your current IP address to the whitelists, allowing you to gain access.

Please keep in mind that support may not be able to disable the IP Access Management Feature; you must acquire access via the current IP and disable it from your end.


To learn more about how this IPAM Feature, please check out this article.




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