Single Send Campaign Did Not Send Out

You may have seen behavior where, after sending out your single send campaign, you find that the campaign appears "stuck" or to have not sent out to recipients. This can happen depending upon the timing of updating contacts and setting the campaign to be delivered.

If you are using Single Sends, and contacts were added to our systems just a few moments before Single Send was triggered, the full upload may have not propagated and completed in its entirety. As such, the Single Send would have only been sent to part of the list. In order to prevent this issue from happening in the future, it is advised to wait after uploading your contacts to give our system time to fully propagate any uploads.

For more details on this topic, this documentation will be another fantastic resource to learn more: Troubleshooting Twilio SendGrid email delivery through Single Sends

Await the Email Confirmation for Contacts Upload Completion

To make sure all contacts were fully uploaded, please check the admin email linked to the login being used when the export is initiated for an email notification with subject: We've Received Your SendGrid Contact Upload! These notifications will always send to the admin email SendGrid has on file for the account, and they will be sent each time a CSV of contacts is uploaded into Marketing > Contacts.

If you need those notifications to be delivered to a different email address, you can add new email addresses to be notified about Marketing Campaigns activities, such as contact uploads. You can notify others by adding up to 10 email addresses under Marketing > Notifications > Add a notification email.

Additional Single Sends and Contacts Upload Troubleshooting Resources

If your Single Sends were not sent to your entire list, please make sure:

  • If you've waited at least 15 minutes after uploading your contacts to give our system time to fully propagate any uploads.
  • If you have duplicated contacts on your list, you can check the email notification from SendGrid showing these contacts as updated. 
  • if you've sent to Unsubscribe addresses. These requests may have dropped, 'silent drops' for your campaigns if you sent to some unsubscribed addresses.


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