Duplicate sender authentication CNAME records on GoDaddy domains

When users add CNAME records on a GoDaddy hosted website, they are getting tagged with your domain twice.

For example, if you post a record like this:


It gets posted like this:


To resolve this issue, please remove all SendGrid posted records from your side. Once these records are removed, please re-add them using the following formatting:

CNAME em1234 u1234567.wl123.sendgrid.net
CNAME s1._domainkey s1.domainkey.u1234567.wl123.sendgrid.net
CNAME s2._domainkey s2.domainkey.u1234567.wl123.sendgrid.net

Notice: If you have multiple Domain Authentication entries, please make sure to remove all the ones that are not valid.

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