Add Animated GIFs to your Email template

Twilio SendGrid users can use the Design Library to manage images and animated GIFs. This guide explains how to add and insert animated GIFs into your Dynamic Template and Single Send.

Upload an animated GIF to the Design Library

  • Navigate to the Design Library > Your Images tab

  • Select the Images module and drag and drop it into your content area.
    This opens a window where you can upload animated GIF images to your image library.

  • Drag and drop the animated GIF formatted file you want to use from your files or select Choose images to upload.

Insert an animated GIF into your email template

  • Create a dynamic template (email API) with code editor or Single send (marketing campaign) with code editor.

Create Dynamic Template with code editor:

Create Single Send with code editor:

  • Navigate to the Build tab, and under Add Modules, drag and drop the Images module into your content area. A window opens where you can select the animated GIF image from the image library.
  • Select the animated GIF image you want to add to your email and click the "Insert Image" button to insert the GIF image into your email template. Once you edit the width and height of the GIF file by clicking the GIF image.

Dynamic Template:


Single Send:


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