Requesting a Refund for a Twilio SendGrid Subscription

In order to request a refund for a Twilio SendGrid subscription, the account holder must meet both criteria below for a refund to be considered:

  1. There is no usage on the account in the current calendar month.
  2. There are no overages, and no contacts stored in Marketing Campaigns.

Twilio SendGrid packages operate off of a monthly subscription model, not direct usage. Twilio SendGrid will not issue a refund if you have used your account in the same calendar month as your request. Instead, please cancel your account to avoid future subscription charges.


Refunds are only applicable to the current subscription charge on your account, not for overage or contact storage charges from the prior month. We hold our customers responsible for managing their account credit limits and contact storage.


If you meet these conditions, please respond directly to the invoice email you have received, or submit a ticket via to begin the discussion about a possible refund.



If you have requested a chargeback through your card issuer/financial institution, Twilio SendGrid will not honor your request for a refund in order to prevent a double debit.

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