SendGrid Marketing Campaigns Click Tracking settings


By default, Marketing Campaigns will have click tracking enabled by on all links, whether the click tracking feature is enabled or disabled under Settings > Tracking. The intention behind this design is that with Marketing Campaigns built and designed for marketers who tend to want insight into engagement activity. However, there are situations where customers who utilize our marketing campaigns will want this feature disabled. 


Disabling Click Tracking within Marketing Campaigns

Customers who have disabled click tracking within their account under Settings > Tracking, may notice that their links are still being overwritten with click tracking. The process to disable the feature is slightly more manual than toggling a setting on/off. To disable click tracking within Marketing Campaigns, it will need to be done on a link-by-link basis by editing the HTML of the link.


When utilizing the code editor, you can include the clicktracking=off attribute inside the anchor of an HTML link before the href. For example, <a clicktracking=off href="">link text</a> would not be tracked.


For customers utilizing the design editor, you will need to enter into the code editor of the text module and add in the same HTML attribute clicktracking=off between the a and the href



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