Single Sender Verification on Behalf of a Sender

Single Sender Verification verifies ownership of an email address to use as a sender in your Twilio SendGrid account. After you have followed the instructions on our Single Sender Verification documentation for adding a sender, Twilio SendGrid will send a verification email with a link to the sender email address. When your sender receives the verification email “Please Verify Your Single Sender”, they will need to click the link and then log into your Twilio SendGrid account that triggered the verification email.



An example of the verification email your sender will receive 


If your sender does not have access to your Twilio SendGrid account, you can take the following steps to verify the email address on behalf of your sender:

  1. Add the sender within Single Sender Verification and send the verification email
  2. Obtain verification link from your sender by forwarding the verification email or sending the link directly to you
  3. After you have the link, then log into your Twilio SendGrid account that triggered the verification.
  4. Open the verification email Please Verify Your Single Sender”, then click Screen_Shot_2022-07-12_at_2.28.00_PM.png
  5. Sender will now be verified within Single Sender Verification.


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