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Global Unsubscribes Vs. Group Unsubscribes

When managing your suppressions, you could do this using the SendGrid platform in two ways.  Each way has unique benefits, as well as a unique way of enabling in terms of marking versus API usage.  Please note, emails sent using the Test Your Email column section will not have enabled live links.

Marketing Campaigns 

Within the marketing campaigns portion of the interface, you can choose to either Global Unsubscribes or Group Unsubscribes by using the interface.


This option is within the column settings to the left and will show once you drag and drop the unsubscribe module (you can also click on the unsubscribe link within your template). Notice the unsubscribe group selection is grayed out, this is expected as you will be able to set it after you enable preferences within the recipients section in the column.


If you would like to create custom verbiage or place the unsubscribe link within a href tag, you may use substitutions such as {{unsubscribe}} and {{unsubscribe_preferenaces}} to provide the link.

**Using subscription tracking with Marketing Campaigns will not work as expected.

Email API & Dynamic Templates

In terms of using unsubscribe groups or global unsubscribes in your dynamic templates or V3 API calls, the options get a little more diverse.  For all options outside of subscription tracking you will need to ensure you are providing the asm_group_id within the payload. The steps below will go over ensuring you are passing this in correctly.  If you would like to have preferences added within your template, you will need to let us know what groups to display within your payload by providing the asm_groups_to_display object within your API.

** If no ASM Group ID is passed in via the payload, the links will not activate

And example of the payload that includes the ASM is like this:


"subject":"Hello, World!",


The first method is to add the unsubscribe drag and drop module to your dynamic template and ensure you are passing in your asm_group_id.  This will then provide our pre-constructed unsubscribe section. You will need to use ASM tags (Group unsubscribes) for the links themselves if not using the drag and drop module or subscription tracking.  You can look over the details of those here.

Finding the Unsubscribe Group ID

  1. Log into your account via
  2. Go to Account Details > Unsubscribe Groups.
  3. Next to each group name notice the ID.  This is the number you will pass in within your payload to reference that group for use or display.

*Global unsubscribes should use subscription tracking

Troubleshooting Checks

  1. Confirm the email you are sending is not a test email or in spam. Spam inboxes may disable links.
  2. Ensure you do not not have subscription tracking enabled under Account details > Mail Settings if using Single Sends or Automations.
  3. Ensure the payload contains the unsubscribe id for the group you want to use.  This should be structured as follows:

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