[ThreeDs2_Authentication_Exception] SendGrid payment error

[ThreeDs2_Authentication_Exception] Transaction declined.402 - [card_error/card_declined/generic_decline] Your card was declined 

The error above is typically issued from your financial institution and indicates the strong authentication with the bank associated with your card has failed.

Troubleshooting and resolving the error:

The failed authentication may be related to blocks against payment or mismatched payment information. If you have received this error, we ask that you take the following actions:

  • Contact your bank and ensure that there are no active blockers against Twilio SendGrid
  • Ensure all pop-up blockers and privacy/cookies blockers are disabled
  • Ensure your card information is entered into your SendGrid billing details exactly as it is on file with your card issuer
  • Please retry payment once more after taking the above steps
  • If possible, try using another card for payment

Note: Twilio SendGrid accepts credit or check cards. The account will be charged on a monthly basis; we do not offer prepayment, quarterly billing or annual billing at this time. We do not accept PayPal, wire transfer, checks, prepaid cards, or any card requiring a PIN.


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