Marketing Campaigns (New) Contact Storage

Your SendGrid Marketing Campaigns pricing plan determines how many contacts you can store or upload each month. This guide explains how contact counting works, and the different plan levels.

Notice: Contact storage works differently for Legacy Marketing Campaigns. For full details, click here.

Contact counting

In the new Marketing Campaigns, we count both the number of contacts stored and the number of contacts uploaded towards your plan's total monthly contacts allotment. Here's an example of how this works:

  • If you upload 100 contacts to your account in your first month, that's 100 contacts towards your plan's full allotment.
  • If you add another 100 contacts in your second month, that would be 200 contacts towards your allotment (the 100 already stored contacts from the previous month + the 100 new contacts).
  • If you delete all 200 contacts in your third month, we would still count 200 contacts towards your limit.
    • If you make no further changes this month, your plan's full allotment will be available the next month. 

SendGrid will automatically de-duplicate any contacts that already exist in your system, and will not charge you more than once for each unique contact stored. To check your total contacts, see the Your Products tab on the Account Details page. Please note that Reseller accounts, subuser accounts, and some teammate accounts (depending on permissions) do not have access to this tab.

SendGrid plan contact limits

The following limits apply to the each SendGrid pricing plan:

Plan Type Contacts
Free up to 2,000
Basic up to 100,000*
Advanced up to 200,000*

*Actual limit based on selected plan. More info on available plans can be found here: SendGrid Pricing and Plans

If you need more contact storage, please contact our Sales team for help finding the right plan for you.

For more details, see Understanding Contact Counts in Marketing Campaigns.

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