Change the Owner for a Twilio SendGrid Account

Changes are bound to happen in any organization, so we've made it easy to pass your account's administrator role to a teammate. This allows our customers to make sure they have access to their Twilio SendGrid account, even if the account holder leaves the organization, or moves to another project. This guide explains the process for transferring the account admin role to another user.


Prior to requesting an account admin change, you'll need to make sure the username you are going to enter as a new admin is not already used in this or any other account. Otherwise, you will see the message username already exists. Since we want a teammate to be the new admin, we'll need to temporarily delete his profile in the account.


  1. The current account administrator must login and access the Account Details page.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Personal Info, and then change the account's email address to the desired new account administrator. When finished, click Save.
    Note: Don't change the username yet.
  3. Open the confirmation message sent to the new email address added on the account, and then click the link.
  4. Use the current account username to send a password reset request from this link The link should arrive to the new email address.
  5. Open the password reset message sent to the new email address added on the account, and then follow the directions to configure a new account password.
  6. Once the password has been updated, and the new admin has access to the account, you can proceed to change the username.

What if we don't have the admin login credentials? 

It is important to have access to the account's admin credentials to pass the admin role to another person. If the email address used for your SendGrid account has been deleted or closed, please reach out to your organization's email administrator to recreate it, and then send yourself a password reset link to continue with the instructions. Otherwise, the best solution is to create a new account.

Notice: Please do not contact Twilio SendGrid Support to change the email on the account for you, SendGrid Support is not entitled to make these changes on behalf of the customers.

What if I am not receiving the code to complete the Two-Factor Authentication step?

You can review Authy's troubleshooting articles here. If you need further assistance please Contact Support. 


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