How to identify the Subscription ID of your Sendgrid Azure Account

What is the Subscription ID in Azure Accounts?

A subscription is linked to a payment setup and each subscription will result in a separate billing, each subscription ID identifies different SendGrid accounts under the same payment set up. For example, a tenant ID is associated with a single identity (person, company, or organization) and can own one or several subscriptions.


How does this help troubleshoot?

When looking for more details on which account is having a determined issue and the customer is not sure of the username to identify the account; we can use the subscription ID to identify the correct account and troubleshoot the issue depending on the account status, plan and features.  


Steps to capture your Subscription ID:

  1. Go to the Azure Portal where you have all your subscriptions for SendGrid.
  2. Click the 3—dots next to your profile picture along the top right of the browser window in Chrome Browser and go to More Tools > Developer tools. (This can also be done on a Mac by command + option + i or by going to View > Developer >Developer Tools along the top bar).
  3. Within the Developer Tools window, select the tab labeled Network.
  4. From the Azure Subscription Summary, click on the subscription of interest.
  5. In the Search bar of the developer tools, search for SaaS SubscriptionID (hit enter after typing that in)
  6. Click on the request response from the search summary
  7. On the right side developer tools pain, click on the “Preview” tab
  8. Expand the “Properties” dropdown

  9. Scroll down to the SaaS SubscriptionID key
  10. Copy the value out


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