Contacting Twilio SendGrid Billing Support



The Billing Support team of Twilio SendGrid assists customers with their concerns related to their account plans, upgrade and downgrades as well as refunds.


The customer can only reach out billing support through raising a support ticket in scenarios where they would want to understand about charges, payment failures, incorrect invoice information, tax exemption, non-profit discounts, account downgrades, etc. While raising a support ticket, please keep in mind to provide the below information:


  • Username or UserID (can be found in invoice) of the account
  • Description of the case
  • Any additional information like screenshots of error messages that can help the team to investigate the issue.


In addition to the above information, our customers should also be aware that if your account is created via resellers or partners, unfortunately, you need to raise a ticket with them as we do not manage billing for reseller accounts.








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