SendGrid Support 101


This article is designed to provide customers with some introductory information on how Support with SendGrid operates, what to expect in troubleshooting, and Support services available for your account and for the product or feature type being addressed.


Professional Courtesy Agreement

This professional courtesy agreement aims to foster a respectful and effective communication environment between Twilio Support and Customers. Customers agree to provide clear and detailed descriptions of their issues, avoid using offensive language, and treat support agents with respect. Support agents, in turn, pledge to actively listen to customers, respond promptly, and offer helpful solutions while maintaining a polite and patient demeanor. Both parties commit to engaging in constructive dialogue and understanding that resolving issues may take time. By upholding this agreement, customers and support agents alike can work together harmoniously to achieve satisfactory outcomes and ensure a positive customer support experience.


Support for SendGrid’s GA Products 

SendGrid Support offers full support for all of Twilio-SendGrid’s General Availability products. This includes up-to-date documentation available on our docs site, technical troubleshooting of SendGrid systems and features, bug reporting, and feature request intake. This includes but is not limited to the following SendGrid product areas:

  • SendGrid Email API
  • SendGrid Marketing Campaigns
  • SendGrid Platform features such as Activity Feed

Support for SendGrid’s Legacy Products and Services

SendGrid Support offers limited support for Twilio-SendGrid Legacy products and services. This includes documentation available on our docs site and technical troubleshooting of Legacy SendGrid systems and features. Feature Requests will not be submitted for Legacy products -  new features will be developed for GA products and features exclusively. This includes but is not limited to the following SendGrid product areas:

  • Legacy Marketing Campaigns
  • Legacy Email Plans
  • Legacy Support Plans

Support for SendGrid’s Reseller Accounts

SendGrid Support offers full product support for all of Twilio-SendGrid’s Reseller and Marketplace account holders. This includes up-to-date documentation available on our docs site, technical troubleshooting of SendGrid systems and features, bug reporting, and feature request intake. The following issue types must be supported by your Reseller and/or Marketplace Support team:

  • Billing and Invoices (changes to invoice, disputing charges, refunds, credits, etc.)

Support for Third Party (non-SendGrid) Products and Services

While our Technical Support Team prepared to troubleshoot what is outlined in our Twilio SendGrid Documentation, it is outside our team’s scope to troubleshoot or support custom-written code, or code from our open source Twilio SendGrid Helper Libraries. We do not have the resources to provide this level of analysis. To review our Twilio SendGrid Helper Libraries, please visit

SendGrid Support is not able to resolve some third-party issues and will require follow-up action by the account owners. This includes but is not limited to the following areas:

Code Review and 3rd Party Integrations

  • Note: If you require further code troubleshooting information, review the README within each Helper Library. You can also review questions and reach out for assistance in Stack Overflow.

3rd Party blocklisting removals (SORBS, Spamhaus, Proofpoint, etc).

  • Note: SendGrid Support can help identify the actions these 3rd Party blocklists may be expecting your account to take in order to remove the listing, however requesting the removal must be done by the owner of the domain and dedicated IP (for Pro or Premier customers).

If you have any additional integration questions, please don't hesitate to ask; we're happy to support any Twilio SendGrid account needs!


Support Contact Options:

SendGrid offers you different methods to contact our support in case of any issue or question. The methods we have can be different depending on the plan the account has and our customers can use them through the SendGrid portal. If you would like to know the steps to contact our support, you can check the following document: Contacting SendGrid Support | Twilio


Open a Support Ticket:

Every SendGrid customer, regardless of the plan, will be able to create a support ticket. This method is always available (24/7) and most recommended if the issue requires investigation from our part. Tickets can be opened through the SendGrid Support Center after logging in using your SendGrid credentials.


Start a Live Chat with Support:

This method will be available only for customers who have a paid plan. It works 24/7 and it is recommended for specific issues/questions or to get information about the account or SendGrid status. If for any reason, the initial issue in the chat requires more investigation from SendGrid Support, our representatives may convert your chat into a ticket and provide updates via Support Center and Email.


Please note: Chat wait times may at times exceed 15 minutes. When this occurs, our chat system will prompt customers with the option to continue waiting, or convert your chat into a ticket for follow-up.


Open a Callback request:

SendGrid Support’s phone system operates on a callback request system and is only available to Pro/Advance customers and above. A callback can be requested from the SendGrid Support Center after logging in using your SendGrid credentials where you can request a callback as soon as possible, or by requested date and time This method is only available for Pro/Advance customers and is available 24/7.


Missed our callback? Don’t worry! SendGrid Support will follow-up with you in the generated ticket to request a time window for us to reach you at your next available time.


Phone Support:

What to expect when requesting a call or Zoom meeting

In addition to callback requests for Pro and above email plans, SendGrid offers support over phone to customers with paid support plans, and can offer phone calls to customers within existing tickets if we feel it will assist in expediting resolution pending availability by Support Agents that are not already assisting paid customers.


Phone calls within an existing ticket will be scheduled within 24 hours of the request being made in order to ensure resources are properly notified and available to call within the specified window.  In order to respond to the request in an expedited manner your ticket may be passed to the next available support agent. Please note: If you would like to reduce the number of agents working on your case, you can request your ticket have a single owner, but this will limit Support’s ability to provide responses within Service Level Agreements.


Please provide support with the following information to expedite scheduling a call or zoom meeting

  • Working Timezone (time zone that you work out of/want a call scheduled).
  • Date of call that is at least 24 hours from the time the call was requested.
  • Preferred callback number, or zoom request.


Support Priority Levels.

Customers can select a priority level when submitting a support ticket. However, a support agent may adjust your priority based on the details of your incident as defined below. Please be mindful of the impact your issue is having on your business - we will match your urgency!


  • PRIORITY 1, BUSINESS CRITICAL: Includes applications in production only. It represents a complete loss of service or a significant feature that is completely unavailable, and no work-around exists. This does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.
  • PRIORITY 2, DEGRADED SERVICE: Includes intermittent issues and reduced quality of service. A work-around may be available. This does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.
  • PRIORITY 3, GENERAL ISSUE: Includes product questions, feature requests, and development issues.

For more information about our responsive times, you can check the following document Responsive Customer Support 


SendGrid Status and Incident History

When service interruptions occur that impact all or a subset of customers, SendGrid will provide timely status updates and notice of impact to the SendGrid Statuspage. Please bookmark this page to check for updates, or subscribe to email notifications directly.


Consumer Trust Action on Your Account:

Sometimes, customer accounts can be suspended for compliance, fraud, or user vetting reasons. When these suspensions occur, customers are required to work with the Twilio Consumer Trust team and provide all necessary items for reactivation. These actions must be completed by Consumer Trust in partnership with the administrator of the suspended account. Please check your ticket history and email for a generated ticket with a subject line that includes “Action Required on your SendGrid Account.” If you need to contact our Consumer Trust team, you can follow the steps on this document: Contacting Twilio SendGrid Consumer Trust.

Please note - SendGrid Support is unable to take action on behalf of Consumer Trust and are unable to re-activate accounts within SendGrid Support. SendGrid Support will do their best to escalate your existing Consumer Trust ticket to the appropriate levels to assist in gaining expedited responses to your Consumer Trust ticket, but this is the extent of the action SendGrid Support can take on your behalf.


Billing Support

Twilio-SendGrid provides support for billing and invoices for direct accounts, but is unable to support invoices and billing requests for reseller and marketplace accounts. Billing Support can be contacted directly over Chat, or by opening a ticket through the Twilio Support Center. You can also open a ticket with SendGrid Support which will be transferred to our Billing Support team to assist you with your needs. If you are not completely sure on how to reach out to Billing support, you can check this document: Contacting Twilio SendGrid Billing Support.

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