Not receiving the 2 Factor Authentication code

In order to protect against credential stuffing and other security flaws with passwords, companies like Twilio SendGrid have implemented two-factor authentication. If you are having issues receiving the SMS's this article will provide you with basic steps to start troubleshooting this;

  • Is the destination device powered on? Make sure your device is not in "Airplane Mode" or set to "Do not Disturb".
  • Does the device have sufficient signal? If not power the device off, wait 30 seconds, and then power it back up.
  • Is the device connected to the home carrier’s network? We cannot guarantee message delivery on devices roaming off-network.
  • Confirm that you’re receiving SMS from other services or friends.
  • Did you used a VoIP number? We don’t have any restrictions on the type of number you can use. However, we can’t guarantee that every short code will be able to reach your number if it’s a VoIP number.

Alternatively, you can download the Authy app and receive your codes directly from the app. Try to use the phone call option to register instead of SMS.

Need additional help? 

If you are still unable to receive the code, or instead if you're looking to change the phone number that was used for 2 Factor Authentication (number is no longer active, or belonged to an ex employee) please contact our Support team. 

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