Google SSO Sign Ups Stuck in Process Due to Last Name not Carrying Over from Sign Up

Last name option is grayed out in the account set up for newly signed up SendGrid accounts via Google SSO. 

This is only happening for new SendGrid signed up via Google SSO. As SendGrid, account set up is picking the first name and last name as per the details mentioned in Google personal info here:



User needs to navigate to link: and needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:




After following all the steps, please clear the cache and cookies for all time and login to your SendGrid account again. So that this new changes will be configured on SendGrid account setup page. After that, user would be able to see the first name and last name as per personal details mentioned in Gmail:

Once you have followed these steps, users will be able to log in to the SendGrid account. If users see the below-mentioned error after following all the steps:


User needs to reach out to SendGrid support and the account will be reviewed by our Compliance Team. 

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