Troubleshooting Unified Account creation issues.

Recently, Twilio has decided to implement Unified login on all its accounts.

Unified Login simplifies user experience by enabling Twilio users to utilize their Twilio email, password, and authentication settings across various products, including SendGrid.

We noticed that few of our customers were facing issues while creating these new unified login accounts. This guide will walk you through some most common issues highlighted by the customers and workarounds that will help in completing the sign-up process.

Troubleshooting Your email address is already registered error : 

If you are using an email address that already has an account linked to it, you will see this error message :

The workaround :  If you already have an account signed up with you can simply add 1 as shown here technically counts as a new email and verification will be delivered to email address.

Troubleshooting Your name must be between 2 to 50 characters : 

Customers are allowed to enter a single character into the last name field on the initial sign-up page. Please check below : 

However, you might see the following error during the last step of sign up : 

The last name field on the UI is not editable and Hence account creation cannot be completed.

The workaround : The workaround here would be to access this link - and login to Twilio console with the email address used to create SendGrid account as username and password as your SendGrid password.

Once you login, please select the user profile drop down as shown below : 

Please click on user settings > click on edit personal information and update your last name

Save the changes.

Once this is done, please ensure to log out of Twilio Console, clear cache and cookies and login to SendGrid account.

Your account information will be updated, and you will be able to sign up successfully.

For more information on Unified logins, please check -


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