Exporting with the Advanced Search in the Activity Feed. (EASE)

Whenever you filter for specific criteria, the advanced search will return results based on the message Id of any emails that match the criteria used. Within the UI itself, you will see the email displayed as one line, with details about clicks, deferrals and other events included. In the example below, you can see three emails to SendGridTesting@gmail.com, each with 2 opens. Although displayed on one line, each of those emails is compromised of several events. 

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 11.20.36 AM.png


 When exported, these events will be exported on their own lines, so each 1 email may have 3 or more events. Looking at the three emails above in the export, it is possible to see that each email has multiple rows and events.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 11.30.19 AM.png

These will be correlated via message id. This may include events from beyond your original time frame.

For example let’s say you email a client 10 days ago, but they don't open it until today. You run a search for opens within the last 3 days, and see this email in the activity feed. The export would include the open from within your 3 day timeframe, but it would also include the processed and delivered event from 10 days.


Specifics on the 9 different types of events you can see within SendGrid can be found here.


As a support team saving information locally is important, and so we suggest regular exports, which allow you then filter via the EVENT and MSGID columns so that you can build a picture of the mail send, and we ask that you contact us if you have any questions on a specific email journey. 

You can also setup the event webhook to post directly to an endpoint of your choice each event as we generate, as another way to build and store events for reporting.

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