Account Under Review

Have you received a warning, suspension, deactivation, or ban notice from Twilio SendGrid? We regularly review accounts which show what appears to be abnormal activity, and may notify users if we have concerns. This guide explains the different account review states, and what they mean for your account.

Notice: For the quickest possible resolution, please respond directly to the notification sent to your email address. This response will go directly to our account team who can help resolve the situation. The main Twilio SendGrid support team is unable to reactivate a warned, suspended, deactivated or banned account.

Stages of review

Once your account is under review, we’ll send a notification to the address associated with your account indicating that it is in one of the following states:

Review state Description Can send email? Billing continues?
Warned The account maintains most functionality, but is unable to access the email address validation API endpoint. The account may be suspended if a response to the notification is not received. Yes Yes

New mail requests are queued for up to 72 hours, automatically expiring after that time if the account is not reactivated. Previously delivered mail is still functional, including tracking and redirects.

A suspended account continues to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any Marketing Campaigns’ contact storage.

No Yes

Any queued undelivered mail is deleted, and previously delivered mail tracking and redirects are disabled. Deactivated sub-users are not accessible via the log in as method, but they can still log in directly.

A deactivated account continues to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any Marketing Campaigns’ contacts storage.

No Yes
Reactivation All account functionality has returned, and any queued email will begin processing for delivery. Yes Yes

The account is completely inaccessible for all users and sub-users. No email requests will be accepted, and dedicated IPs are unassigned.

Auto-renewal billing will stop, though you will still be charged for any overages or Marketing Campaigns’ contact storage during the current month.

No No
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