Account Under Review

Have you received a warning, suspension, deactivation, or ban notice from Twilio SendGrid? This guide will explain the different account review states, and what they mean for your account. If you have recently signed up for a Twilio SendGrid account, been away from your account for an extended amount of time, or have attempted to log in only to find a banner or request to contact support, your account may be under review.

The first step should be to check the admin email address inbox for emails from SendGrid regarding warnings, suspensions, deactivations, or a ban notice.

If you just signed up, your account may be in the process of being vetted. In this case, you may want to wait up to a few hours for our team to send an email to you with some questions about your account. Answering these questions will be the best way to get the account activated as soon as possible.
If you do not get an email with follow-up questions to your SendGrid account's associated email address (and the email is not in your spam or other filters) please raise a ticket with SendGrid support and our team members will be happy to assist you.

If you’re behind on your SendGrid payments, or have gotten emails regarding your SendGrid billing information or invoices, your account may be under review for billing actions. Your account is typically first warned and then frozen before termination. If you received billing notices and can’t log in, your account may be billing terminated.
In this case it is important to contact support to get your account reactivated and paid up. Please note that terminated accounts may lose their data, so if you are having trouble updating or paying your SendGrid invoices, please contact support to arrange a way to keep your account out of terminated status so that you do not lose access to your data. 

Stages of review

Once your account is under review, we’ll send a notification to the address associated with your account indicating that it is in one of the following states:

Review state Description Can send email? Billing continues?
Warned The account maintains most functionality, but is unable to access the email address validation API endpoint. The account may be suspended if a response to the notification is not received. Yes Yes

New mail requests are queued for up to 72 hours, automatically expiring after that time if the account is not reactivated. Previously delivered mail is still functional, including tracking and redirects.

A suspended account continues to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any Marketing Campaigns’ contact storage.

No Yes

Any queued undelivered mail is deleted, and previously delivered mail tracking and redirects are disabled. Deactivated sub-users are not accessible via the log in as method, but they can still log in directly.

A deactivated account continues to incur auto-renewal billing for your monthly subscription and any Marketing Campaigns’ contacts storage.

No Yes
Reactivation All account functionality has returned, and any queued email will begin processing for delivery. Yes Yes

The account is completely inaccessible for all users and sub-users. No email requests will be accepted, and dedicated IPs are unassigned.

Auto-renewal billing will stop, though you will still be charged for any overages or Marketing Campaigns’ contact storage during the current month.

No No
Billing Terminated

The account is terminated due to payments not being processed either automatically or manually. Auto-pay based subscriptions may have the associated form of payment (credit card) declined due to many reasons.

To reactivate a billing terminated account, the account owner would need to contact support for the required next steps.

Billing terminated status will remove stored contacts if the account has subscribed to a Marketing Campaigns plan. When reactivating an account from this status, please note that the contact log cannot be retrieved post 30 days. Also, billing terminated accounts more than 6 months old will not be reactivated and the account owner will be prompted to create a new account.

No No

What is the quickest solution so that I may access my account/send emails again? 

The quickest resolution once finding that your account is under review is to check the admin email address that is linked to the SendGrid account and respond to any alerts or support tickets that may have been sent regarding the account status.
Notice: For the quickest possible resolution, please respond directly to the notification sent to your email address. This response will go directly to our account team who can help resolve the situation. The main Twilio SendGrid support team is unable to reactivate a warned, suspended, deactivated or banned account.
If you can log into your account, you can check for tickets in the support portal using these steps:
  1. Navigate to 
  2. Log in using the login button in the top right
  3. Navigate to the My Support Requests button in the center of the page
  4. Check for open tickets regarding account reviews, suspensions, etc.
  5. Read through and respond to the relevant ticket(s)
You can also reach support via chats or by opening a new ticket. An agent can direct you regarding next steps from there, however this may not be as fast or efficient as replying directly to the associated ticket whenever possible. For new accounts that submitted a survey response, please check your email for an open ticket regarding your account status and whether or not any extra information from you is needed.

How to avoid account review status

The best way to avoid account review status is to stay up to date on your payments and renew your payment information before it expires. If you do have billing issues it is much better to contact support or otherwise address it in a timely manner, as frozen and terminated accounts will be restricted from use.
If you send emails through your Twilio SendGrid account using an integration and utilize any code libraries, please be extremely vigilant not to publish any API keys or private account information to places such as Github, StackOverflow, etc.  Additionally, if you are worried about account suspensions, please be sure to stay fully in compliance with the Twilio SendGrid Terms of Service. Keep your account credentials safe and monitor your account activity regularly to avoid account takeovers or unauthorized use of the account.
Newly created accounts will be directly placed in a vetting process, meaning that they're accounts are being banned until further evaluation until our team can vet the user's using purposes, as we want to improve the platform experience and prevent bad actors affecting the reputation of the good senders.

Summary: What to do if your account is under review?

New Accounts
For new accounts, check your support ticket portal or email inbox for notifications asking for more information about your account. You can always reach out to us via the Support Portal to view/open tickets, or start a chat. 
Existing Accounts
If you are not actively using your account, it may be flagged for review. If your account has been flagged for review, first, please try checking your email inbox (and spam folders) for notices from Twilio SendGrid or the support ticket portal for any notifications from Twilio SendGrid in regard to account action(s) that need to be taken (e.g. “Suspension Notice”).
For any account under review, contact Twilio SendGrid Support and follow the provided guidance in order to get on the swiftest path to accessing your account and removing the 'under review' status.
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