Twilio SendGrid Account Details

The Account Details page is where we host your account profile. Your profile provides Twilio SendGrid with the information needed to contact you with alerts and notifications, as well as send and track your emails. This guide will cover what is found on the Account Details page, and how you can edit it.

Access the Account Details page

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click your username in the upper left corner, and then select Account Details.

Alternatively, access the Account Details page directly.

Account Tab

The Account Tab is composed of two different sections - Your Account, and Your Company.

Tip: To edit any of these details, click the Pencil icon, make the desired changes, and then click Save when finished.

  • Your Account: This section contains details for your login.
    • Personal Info - The name, email address, and phone number of the person who should be contacted by Twilio SendGrid if needed for account alerts, billing notifications, etc.
    • Username - Your Twilio SendGrid Username is used to access our your SendGrid account.
    • Password - Your Twilio SendGrid password must adhere to the following requirements: it should be between 16 and 128 characters in length and include at least one number, one special character, and one letter.
    • Timezone - The timezone in which your company operates. This setting will be used by other SendGrid functionality such as Statistics and scheduling sends in Marketing Campaigns. Please make sure that your timezone is set to the same as your business.
  • Your Company: This section contains details about your company.
    • Name - The name of your company.
    • Address - Your company’s address.
    • Website - Your company’s website.

Billing Tab

The Billing Tab is composed of two different sections - Billing, and Invoices.

  • Billing: This section contains your payment and invoice details.
    • Payment Method - Your payment method used for any upgraded Email API or Marketing Campaign plans.
      • The payment method section displays the current active credit card. When a new card is added, the old card (if present) will be replaced and the new one will be displayed. To add a new active credit card, click the pencil icon and then enter the new card details when prompted.
      • To remove a credit card from the account, provided the account has been downgraded to a free plan, please reach out to our Support team. For paid plans, the account is required to have a form of payment added.
    • Invoice Address - Your address for use with billing invoices.
  • Invoices: This section contains any previous billing invoices for your account.
      • In some cases, only the last 6 invoices may be shown. Please contact our Support team for copies of any older invoices not shown in the list.

Your Products Tab

The Your Products tab consists of four different sections - Email API, Marketing Campaigns, Add-ons, and an estimate for your next monthly billing invoice.

  • Email API: This section contains details about the Email API plan in use for this account, and options for changing it.
    • Plan - Your current Email API plan.
    • Usage - The current day's Email API usage.
  • Marketing Campaigns: This section contains details about the Marketing Campaigns plan in use for this account, and options for changing it.
    • Plan - Your current Marketing Campaigns plan.
    • Usage - The current day's Marketing Campaigns usage.
  • Add-ons: This section contains any add-ons enabled on this account, and options for changing them.
  • Estimate for Next Invoice: This section shows an estimated charge for the next billing cycle, and the date.
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