Troubleshooting Account Login Issues

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself unable to log into your account. This article aims to explain these reasons and offer steps to get you back in action.

Invalid username and/or password

Usually this can result from nothing more than a typing error, and can be fixed by retyping one or both fields. But it could could be something else. Check out to following for some possible reasons.

  • You haven’t confirmed your email address
    Did you just sign up? If you don’t verify your email address, we never create your account, so be sure to check your registration email and click on the link we send.
  • You’ve shared your credentials and they have been changed
    You may have at some point shared your credentials with someone else or another department, so check with them to make sure they haven’t changed anything. Consider implementing Teammates to set different levels of permissions.
  • Usernames can be anything
    We don’t have a strict username syntax policy, so you may have set it to a sequence of characters, numbers, and symbols thaht you wouldn’t normally use. If you can’t get your username right, we can help you find and recover your username.
  • Reset your password
    Sometimes passwords just vanish from memory — it happens to the best of us. Use the Reset Password link from the login screen to start the reset process via email. Be careful — changing your password may break existing API and SMTP integrations in production, so be sure to update your password wherever else it is used after resetting.

Bad username or password

Errors like these are usually received from the API: they me means we don’t recognize one or both of the api_user and api_key parameters that you’ve passed in your call.

Billing terminated

On the last week of each month, we terminate accounts with outstanding unpaid balances from the previous month’s bill run. Terminated accounts cannot be accessed and can’t send mail.

We will send out several warning emails in the course of a month if an account fails to pay on time, so you should have ample warning before termination takes place. However, if you believe your account has been terminated due to non-payment, please get in touch with Support and we can help get you out of the red and to get sending again.

Account banned

When an account is banned, it is permanently cancelled. Access to the account is blocked and no further requests to our system will be accepted. A banned account is not allowed back on SendGrid in the future. If the account had dedicated IPs, they will be removed. Related sub-users will also be banned.

We don’t make a habit of letting banned accounts back on, but if you would like to discuss it, please respond to the email you received regarding the ban.

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