Searching with Filters in the Email Activity Feed

Email Activity Feed is a feature Twilio SendGrid provides to customers that allow them to search specific email sends through their account. Customers can conduct a Basic Search by looking up a recipient email address within a date range for a specific account (Subuser or Parent).

Customers can expand their search by clicking the Advance Search button on the top right of the search bar. This allows customers to customize their search through 22 filters. Below is a detailed description of each filter. 


Filter Name



ID of the API Key used to send the message

API Key Name

Name of the API Key used to send the message


Username of the Subuser account 

Campaign ID

Campaign ID (e.g. 12357890) of the Legacy Marketing Campaigns

**This is only for Legacy Marketing Campaigns customers**

Campaign Name

Campaign Name of the Legacy Marketing Campaigns

**This is only for Legacy Marketing Campaigns customers**


Categories added within the X-SMTPAPI header or the Twilio SendGrid Web API of an email 


The date range of the search                                                   **See below for more details**


Blocked, Bounced, Clicked, Deferred, Delivered, Dropped, Global Unsubscribe, Group Resubscribe, Group Unsubscribe, Opened, Processed, Spam Report

From Email

Email address sending the email

Message ID

A unique ID generated and assigned to a message by Twilio SendGrid for event identification purposes

Number of Clicks

The number of times the link(s) in the message has been clicked **Requires Click Tracking to be enabled**

Number of Opens

The number of times the message has been opened.                 **Requires Open Tracking to be enabled**

Requesting IP Address

IP addresses Twilio SendGrid receives an email request from. 

Sending IP Address

The IP addresses the email was sent with through Twilio SendGrid


Subject of the email


The latest status of the email. Includes: Delivered, Processing, Not Delivered                                       


Teammate username that initiated the email

To Email

Recipient email address

Transactional Template ID

Dynamic Template ID

Transactional Template Name

Dynamic Template Name

Unsubscribe Group ID

Unique ID number generated to a Unsubscribe Group upon creation found within the Suppression -> Unsubscribe Group page

Unsubscribe Group Name

Name of a Unsubscribe Group created by the user


Filter by dates: The Email Activity Feed will provide all related events (regardless of the date) linked to a Message ID for events, when searching within the date range. For example, if a customer searches for an “open” event within a date range, the Email Activity Feed will pull up “processed” and “delivered” events outside of the date range because the Message ID’s are tied to the “open”, “processed” and “delivered” events. CSV exports of Email Activity Feeds by date range will also include all events tied to the Message IDs within that range.

For quantifying and searching specific events of an email send without any associated events tied to the Message ID, we recommend utilizing our free Event Webhook.

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