Reseller accounts (Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku) unable to access certain menus in the user interface.

Accounts created and activated via Twilio SendGrid resellers, such as: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Heroku, are billed by the reseller. Plans are managed directly with the reseller and cannot be accessed within the Twilio SendGrid account.

Navigating to pages such as:

  • "Settings" > "Account Details" > "Billing"
  • "Settings" > "IP Addresses"
  • "Settings" > "SSO Settings"

Will result in a message:

You don't have access to this page.
You don't have permissions to view this page. You can request access from your account administrator.



Clicking the blue "Request Access" button, such as the one in the image above, will result in an error banner, which is expected since reseller accounts cannot access the pages mentioned above.


Billing Information

Since the reseller is billing you directly, Twilio SendGrid will not have access to payment information, invoices or the ability to assist with making changes. You should connect with your reseller directly through their platform to access any of this information.

This includes the ability to add 30 Day Activity History add-on which allows customers to utilize the Email Activity API. The Event Webhook should be used instead.

Plan or Product Changes

Your reseller is also the admin for your products. Any plan changes should be made directly with the reseller on their platform. Pricing may vary by reseller. Overages may not be allowed by all resellers, meaning once you reach the number of messages allowed on your plan for the month, you will not be able to send additional mail within the current month until an upgrade is made to your plan level. 


IP Addresses

Reseller accounts are generally only allowed 1 dedicated IP once the reseller plan includes 100,000 (or more) emails monthly. Since this is the case, you will not have access to the "IP Addresses" page. This page would allow you to add additional IPs and create IP pools, which is not needed since the limit is 1 dedicated IP.

If you need to view your dedicated IP, click on "Dashboard" in the left-hand navigation in your SendGrid account and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the information on the bottom left under "ACCOUNT IP ADDRESS"


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