How to Gather a SAML Trace

Gathering a SAML Trace is useful for troubleshooting issues for SSO logins. This article will explain steps on how to gather the trace should you need to provide one for analysis.

SAML Tracer

SAML tracer is an add-on in Firefox and an extension in Chrome used to troubleshoot SAML for Service Provider-initiated flows (SP-initiated) or Identity Provider-initiated flows (IdP-initiated). 

When you start an IdP-initiated flow or SP-initiated flow while SAML tracer is enabled, it captures the SAML request and response.

Capturing the Trace

  1. Download and add the SAML-tracer tool
  2. Open SAML-tracer by clicking the SAML-Tracer button in the top-right corner or by checking your extensions. A new window will open and to start capturing data


  3. Navigate to the website used to log in via SSO and replicate the issue
  4. Identify SAML entries by the orange "SAML" label (See image below)
  5. Export the entire SAML trace by clicking Export and then selecting  "None" as the cookie-filter profile (See images below)

    Screenshot_2022-08-09_at_2.10.16_PM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-13 at 1.22.22 PM.png
  6. Please share the resulting file with Twilio Support





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