Marketing Campaigns for Partner Reseller Accounts Explained

This article is for customers who are using a Reseller Partner Twilio SendGrid account. Accounts created through our partners like Azure will have limited features in their accounts. One of of these features is Marketing Campaigns. 


Marketing Campaigns

Marketing features which include Marketing Campaigns are currently only offered through accounts setup directly through SendGrid, we do not have the ability to add those tools to Reseller accounts.

Design Library

The Design Library is only for use with Marketing Campaigns. As such this feature is not available for Reseller accounts. Just for Twilio SendGrid direct account. Customers will not able to send test emails from there. Reseller accounts need to create templates by navigating to Email API > Dynamic Templates.


If you have an account through one of our partners and want to set up a new account directly with SendGrid to take advantage of this feature, please follow these steps: Migrating from a partner account.


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