How to Recover a Compromised Account

If you believe your Twilio SendGrid account has been compromised, please log in to your account immediately and change your username and password. To do so, go to the SendGrid Account Settings page. For help updating this information, see Twilio SendGrid Account Details. For more information about the different types of compromised account, please check this KB article : .


Important: If you change your account username and password or delete and replace API keys, you will also need to update your integrations with the new details in order to resume sending email as normal.


If you need further assistance after changing your username and password, please contact the Twilio SendGrid Support team. We can help isolate any issues or vulnerabilities with your SendGrid integration, delete any pending outbound emails, and even temporarily deactivate your account. In some cases, our Compliance team is able to catch these issues, and preemptively suspend accounts. If you notice your account is suspended, check your email for notifications from the Compliance team, and respond back directly to work towards a resolution.

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