Unable to Access your Twilio SendGrid Account Page

From time to time, some users may have issues trying to access their Twilio SendGrid account page, including SSL or Unreachable Page errors. This guide walks through common troubleshooting steps for account access issues.

Troubleshooting steps

  • Verify there's only 1 instance of the Twilio SendGrid account being accessed at a single time. Having multiple browsers logged into the same account can result in problems.
  • Try disconnecting from any VPNs. Are you on a VPN? If so, try disconnecting, and see if that changes your results.
  • Try another web browser. Settings enabled or disabled in a web browser could cause issues accessing certain websites. Attempt to login to your Twilio SendGrid account from another web browser to confirm this is not the issue. We recommend using the Chrome or Safari web browsers.
  • Try to recreate the issue in an incognito or private browser window.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies. On Chrome, you can do this by accessing chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Please note this may remove saved passwords, history, and more.

Is your account a reseller account?

Did you create your SendGrid account through a third party website such as Azure, Heroku, IBM, or other reseller partner service? If so, then some features and access can be limited depending on the service you chose. 

We have some specific guides for that can help with reseller access and requests here: 

If those don't help with access please download a HAR file of the login warning you see and provide that to SendGrid support in your support ticket. 

To ensure access to all of SendGrid's features, you can sign up directly with SendGrid here: https://signup.sendgrid.com/ 


Still unable to access the SendGrid account page?

If after this you're still unable to access your Twilio SendGrid account page, please contact our Support team with screenshots and Google logs to investigate further.

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